Carolina Marín baptizes the mascot of the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships and BWF World Senior Championships in Huelva

The Olympic champion and triple world champion chooses the name of the mascot of the TotalEnergies BWF World Championships that the Huelva will host from November 29.

Just as the mascot, a Bengal tigress, serves as a tribute to the origins of the badminton, the name chosen by Carolina Marín is a tribute to the history of ‘her’ city, since it is the term by which Huelva was known since at least the 10th century BC.

The term Onuba is of Phoenician origin, resulting from Onos Baal or ‘Ono-Baal’, which means ‘Fortress of Baal’, god of the sun and fire, and gives rise to the name of the inhabitants of Huelva.

The mascot, created by Ana Sánchez, a digital design student at IES Diego Guzmán y Quesada, is a tribute to female strength, to that strength and overcoming that champion Carolina Marín, our badminton ambassador, has shown in the world.

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