Huelva 2021 merchandising is all the rage in the Carolina Marín Fan Zone

The products produced by the Huelva based firm Gañafote have caused too many expectation in the Fan Zone of the venue that hosts the Senior World Championship and that will host the Absolute World Championship.

The public has answered the call of badminton.  The Fan Zone located in the outside of the Carolina Marín Sports Palace has host  hundreds of people who have enjoyed the first day of competition of the El Pozo BWF World Senior Championship. Proof of this is that the merchandising sale places have been full of people at all times, since the good weather has accompanied and invited athletes, fans and non-fans to enjoy the magnificent badminton atmosphere that exists. throughout the city.

Look at the social activity plan of Huelva 2021.

Huelva 2021 and Gañafote, the official merchandising trademark for the event, have created exclusive designs for this historic event, which will attract 30,000 visitors and achieve an indirect economic impact of 270 million euros, four times more than the 51.4 million registered by the 2018 European Championship.

Among the Huelva 2021 products that can be purchased in the Fan Zone are T-shirts, sweatshirts, masks and commemorative mugs. They are undoubtedly the most appreciated by the players, who in addition to the quality of the materials highlights that they want to take a souvenir of their stay in the Huelva capital.

The 2021 Huelva World Championships will attract more than 2,000 athletes from 65 countries and 30,000 visitors and will be covered by 21 international televisions that will bring the image of the Huelva capital to more than 600 million homes.

Gañafote and Huelva 2021

Gañafote, is the official merchandising brand of the BWF World Championships Huelva 2021, which are held in the capital of Huelva from November 28 to December 19, 2021, with unique and exclusive designs created for the sporting event. international.

The Huelva based firm is part of this unique event, which comes to the Huelva capital from the hand of the Spanish Badminton Federation, taking as a reference the land of the Olympic champion and three-time world champion Carolina Marín. For Gañafote, “it is a great bet that places us in the elite of international sport through a sporting modality followed by hundreds of millions of people around the world and who in Huelva have their references in Carolina Marín itself or in clubs such as the CB Recreativo IES LaOrden.

The collaboration for the production and management of merchandising for Huelva 2021 was signed with the signing of an agreement between the Spanish Badminton Federation and the management of Gañafote, a Huelva company that already has an official store in Huelva, where there will be World Championships products. of Badminton at the disposal of the thousands of visitors and fans who come to the Huelva capital.

Gañafote, led by Joaquín Rasco, has become a world reference brand in the personalized sports textile market. In fact, it dresses several sports clubs in the United States, has reached markets such as Germany, France and has strengthened its presence in Portugal, which is why it is currently a growing brand.

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