The Huelva 2021 medical team, at the service of the protagonists

The TotalEnergies BWF World Championships 2021, like any event of such magnitude and category, requires a medical staff in constant care of the protagonists: the players. Huelva 2021 has a Asistencia Sanitaria Huelva team made up of 10 people: 3 doctors, 3 ambulance technicians, and 4 physiotherapists, who were already part of the BWF World Senior Badminton Championships 2021 team. The medical staff is spread over the courts (main and warm-up pavilion) and in the physiotherapy room.

The technicians and techniques of Asistencia Sanitaria Huelva offer muscle massage service, pre and post-match treatment to players, and treatment and prevention of injuries. Approximately the treatment is carried out in sessions of between 10 and 20 minutes. It is a free service that athletes participating in the event can access, both in the absolute and in the senior competition.

A fundamental resource and highly valued by athletes. According to statistics and data collected during the 2021 BWF World Senior Badminton Championships event, more than 500 players were served throughout the championship, most of them male. It is anticipated that, throughout the week of the World Championship, more than 15 players will be treated per day. The most frequent injury among the players of Huelva 2021, and of this discipline, is the overload of the calves, quadriceps, and the overload or tension of the back muscles.

Special measures have also been taken in the healthcare environment to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks have been used for the health technicians and players cared for, the use of stretcher paper, and hand and material disinfectant after use.

The Huelva 2021 health personnel have extensive experience in top-level sporting events. Most come from the Andalusian cities of Huelva, Seville and Córdoba, but also from the autonomous community of Asturias.

Ángel Rentero, head of the event’s physiotherapists team, assures that “in the World Senior Badminton Championships there were more injuries due to overloads and sudden gestures than in the Spain Masters in Huelva, which was held in May. Veteran players are less physically prepared than the world elite, so during the absolute competition we will attend to fewer participants, although in a more complete way ”. Rentero, who repeats as a physiotherapist at the service of athletes in different events, assures that “Dealing with the player and seeing the competition in the background is what I enjoy the most.”

The also physiotherapist Enrique Agudo, who also has different elite sporting events behind him, makes his debut in the badminton competition. Agudo adds to the words of his partner that “The dynamics of high performance competition is similar, in terms of the world of physiotherapy, although this seems spectacular to me due to its power. I have done muscular discharges, functional and neuromuscular bandages, and preparation for competition.

Alejandro Pérez, from the Asistencia Sanitaria Huelva team assures that what he likes most about this type of event is “Dealing with athletes, although sometimes the language is difficult, but we make ourselves understood.” Pérez adds that “Multiculturalism, the experience of being in contact with different people, and seeing their point of opinion is what strikes me the most.”

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