World Championships in Huelva 2021, in figures

In some ocassions, data are just cold numbers that reflect an irrefutable reality. However, there are certain times when numbers alone are capable of transmitting emotions. Just a few days before the start of the senior and absolute World Championships that will take place in Huelva 2021, all the information we are receiving only nurture the wish for the badminton party to begin.

And if there is one group that not only exudes enthusiasm, but also spreads it to the rest of the players, it is the volunteers. Data about the “guardians” of the World Championships show the expectation that has been generated around the world: we are talking about more than 500 people, divided equally between organisational volunteers and line judges. Most of them are from Huelva, Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, in that order. Nonetheless, Huelva’21 will also have some volunteers from far away, such as China. A player from the Senior World Cup who, coming from India, will stay a few more days in Huelva to be a volunteer in the World Championships.

Of course, so many people wanting to do their best also have to eat or dress, a fact that leaves us with curious figures. At a rate of three per person, it is estimated that there will be about 1,5k polo shirts worn by the volunteers in Huelva, as well as 500 tracksuits, and we know that for the senior World Cup there will also be shoes for everyone. The main objective is to be prepared, because the demand is going to be very high. Only in the senior World Cup there will be 1,548 matches, which will start every day from 09.00 in the morning, with the last ones starting no later than after 21.00 at night.

Volunteers of all races and religions will be present in Huelva, as well as associations of people with disabilities, groups of unsupervised minors. In short, once again, sport does not put barriers to any person in any part of the world, wishing to be part of it. By the way, there will be about 25 students of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences among them.

Beyond the volunteers, there are figures speaking of the repercussion that the World Championships will have on local commerce, hotel occupancy and the day-to-day life of the city. Although it is estimated that between 20k and 30k people could arrive in Huelva over the next few weeks, the number of hotel rooms reserved for the occasion is not an estimate: 100%. More than 4k people will visit the capital of Huelva between the two events, who, for accommodation, will be divided between Huelva and Punta Umbria, as was the case for the European Championships in 2018. Only the absolute World Championships will need 750 hotel rooms to cover their needs.

Shops´ owners, businesses and catering establishments are also rubbing their hands together, especially with the senior World Cup week. Entrance to the event is completely free, a fact that has encouraged many more visitors to be present at the Carolina Marín Arena. It is also free until Friday, and there are only season tickets for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final, which will be played between Friday 17 and Sunday 19 December. The price of the tickets, which can be purchased from 3 euros, has also been an ally of the hoteliers and shopkeepers, who will distribute discount cards among the different potential consumers, valid during the 22 days of both championships.

In summary, and after having handled various figures, economic impact on the city puts the direct return at 16 million euros, and the indirect return at around 270 million euros. Undoubtedly, figures that correspond to two tournaments, that will reach 614 million homes, which will be able to enjoy 1338 athletes from more than 50 countries, in the case of the senior World Cup and 1,3k from more than 40 nationalities in the senior World Cup.      

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